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Make sure to first do our quiz before ordering, so we can make sure your hair care box is perfect for you!

Did you know that your haircare products are made of about 70% water! Yes, just water. We took water out and only ship essential ingredients to you, add water at home! 

You will receive: 

- 1 Custom scalp scrub (50gr)

- 1 Custom Hair mask (100gr)

- 1 Custom Hair tea (sample size)

You will have access to our in-house expert to troubleshoot your hair questions. It is a full service to transition and support you in your natural hair care journey. We will change the formula if you're not happy.

 If you have any allergies, please let un know in the quiz.

The scalp scrub: Our scalp mask swiftly eliminates build-up and lift-inhibiting grime as it gently eradicates flakes to help minimise itching. Reduce obstructive product build-up for a soothed scalp with ICI CARE Scalp scrub, a personalised scalp goody that detoxifies and protects. Used to draw impurities away from the scalp and follicles, it contributes towards healthy hair growth. EACH SCALP SCRUB is unique. We use our algorithm to select specific ingredients for each customer. Every product is made to order according to customers' hair profile. 

The hair mask: Our custom-made hair mask is full of active ingredients that can transform the look and feel of your curls. Deep conditioning is a great way of penetrating the hair from the inside out, so it stays hydrated, soft and damage-free.

We will select 3 plants that best match your hair profile from our selection: 

Fenugrec, Brahmi, Amla, Cassia powder, Ashwagandha, Hibiscus sabdariffa flower powder, Watercress, Green tea powder, Rice powder, Banana powder, Avocado powder, Aloe Vera leaf powder, Neem, Moringa oleifera leaf powder, Marshmallow root powder, Cocos nucifera milk powder, Baobab powder

The hair tea: The hair tea can be used in three ways. It can be used to mist hair to set braid outs or twist outs . It can be used as the last rinse-out after deep conditioning your hair. Or as a curl refresher, spritz 3x a week on scalp and length of hair. 

We will make a custom blend of three flower/root tea that meet your hair needs the best. Here are the plants that we might use:

Chamomille    Marshmallow root tea    Arnica    Calendula    Dandelion    Aloe water     Licorice Ayurvedic Herb    Hops    Comfrey    Gotu Kola    Parsley (no pregnancy)    Thyme    Horsetail    Maidenhair Fern    Lavender    Witch hazel    Sage


Customer Reviews

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It’s okay

The hair mask doesn’t smell great and I didn’t notice a difference in my hair. The scalp scrub is a lil harsh with water so I mixed it with coconut oil and that worked a treat on my dandruff. The hair tea is lovely, easy to use and makes my hair feel soft and look shiny!


Not only do I feel like a scientist making the treatments my hair is feeling incredible! The scald scrub has don’t wonders 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻