Female empowerment

With our brand we want to make financial freedom a reality for women who are victim of domestic violence

Economic abuse

The charity Surviving Economic Abuse describes it in the following way:

“Economic abuse is designed to reinforce or create economic instability. In this way it limits women’s choices and ability to access safety. Lack of access to economic resources can result in women staying with abusive men for longer and experiencing more harm as a result.” Learn more from THE DOMESTIC ABUSE REPORT 2020

Lack of funds and its impact

"Local government is responsible for providing or funding many of the services and local infrastructure crucial to the daily lives and wellbeing of women and those they care for – children, families and vulnerable adults. The impact of massive cuts in central government funding of local government since 2010 on housing, education, social care, childcare, transport, leisure and youth services has been destructive and debilitating for women – whether as primary users themselves, or as mothers and carers of elderly relatives. The Women’s Budget Group and Runnymede Trust have demonstrated that Black, Asian and mixed households in the lowest fifth of income are worse affected by the cumulative impact of tax changes and cuts to benefits and public spending than white households." More

Our Project

Knowing that finances is used by abusers to keep "control" is sickening. We want to make a change and work to bring domestic violence to an end. We are working on building an effective program that will have a great impat on the community. If you have a suggestion or would like to share with us, please contact us.

Financial freedom is an important step towards a better life. Our brands aims to make this a reality.