Our story

At ICI CARE, we know how difficult it can be finding the right hair products. Founder and creator of ICI CARE, Samantha, experienced this very problem which led to years of hair damage. With a background in material science and engineering, she used her knowledge and conducted further research to understand the impact of some cosmetic ingredients. She researched how our ancestors, around the globe took care of themselves. That led her to discover the power of plants. Every plant has its virtue and ICI CARE tailors it to your needs.

We want our customers to feel beautiful and worthy, with personalised hair care that improves hair health. The algorithm we’ve created will set you on the right path whether you struggle with moisturising your hair or you need help tackling hair damage. At ICI CARE, we invite you to the future of hair care, today.

Custom-made to fit you

When you take our hair quiz, the carefully designed algorithm selects the right ingredients for your needs. Based on your answers, you will receive handmade products to help you reach your hair goals in the easiest and safest possible way.

We always adjust to you

Is something not working for you? Every month you can adapt your hair products so you always have the best formula for your hair. Looking after your hair needs to fit in with your lifestyle. We aim to make your hair care routine as easy as possible with high-quality masks, rinses and curl refreshers.

Ancient Rituals with modern technology

Hair is delicate so you must use the right ingredients. Our Ingredients are all inspired from family recipes and ancient rituals. Using amazing ingredients from mother nature, ICI CARE avoids harmful chemicals and promotes hair wellness while being environmentally conscious.


We are building a business that benefits you, empowers communities and respects the environment. Community spirit is at the heart of ICI CARE. As well as being passionate about local manufacturing, we want to connect across the world and spread our haircare formulas across the world.