Hair & Scalp Care box

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4 CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCTS with a Monthly FREE delivery. By subscribing to our service, you are entering a new world of hair wellness. The subscription includes Free haircare consultations every month and a hair coach. 

Save 20£ every month with this box

Full haircare routine box. 

Step one: 

Cleanse. Choose between our African black soap based shampoo or our Clay based wash. Both are natural and customised to your hair. 
The African black soap based shampoo can be bought in the form of a shampoo bar or in a powder form. Mix the shampoo powder with water before applying to wet hair. 

Step two:

Detoxify. Take care of your scalp with either the scalp mask or the scalp scrub. If you have an oily scalp, we highly recommend to choose the scalp mask. Using a scrub will stress your scalp and it will result in an even more oily scalp. 

Step 3:

Deep condition. With the custom-made hair mask you can be sure that your hair will get exactly what it needs. We make it just for you. All made with raw plant. Curious of what goes in? Check our ingredients page. While your hair mask won't have all of it, the algorithm will select the 3 to 4 most powerful ingredients for your hair. 

Step 4:

Hydrate. The hair tea is your best friend. Use it as a last rinse during your wash and leave it in your hair. If you have curly hair, make some tea and keep it in the fridge to refresh your curls between washes. 

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