Custom-made Scalp scrub

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100gr for 10 applications

Marrying traditional botanical beauty rituals with future-forward technology, ICI CARE has created an easy-to-navigate line of phenomenal hair care to cherish the scalp and support healthy growth from the source.

What’s a scalp scrub?

Just like scrubs are used to exfoliate your body, a scalp scrub is used to remove impurities, build-up, excess oil and dead skin cells that gather at the root of your hair. It stimulates circulation for a healthy scalp which in turn promotes healthy hair.
Transform dry, flaky scalps with the balancing powers of a custom scalp scrub. 

According to your needs, your scalp scrub will be based on sugar crystals or fine Epsom salt. 
It will be mixed with a unique blend of plants and oil to create the perfect formula. 
Add a drop of water and apply gently to your scalp.

How to use:
Once every two weeks, apply scrub on damp hair from roots to ends using circular motions to stimulate scalp and eliminate debris.

Rinse thoroughly and follow with the hair mask.