Custom-made Scalp mask

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100gr is enough for about 10 applications
Use it once to twice a month

Our scalp mask swiftly eliminates build-up and lift-inhibiting grime as it gently eradicates flakes to help minimise itching. Reduce obstructive product build-up for a soothed scalp with ICI CARE Scalp mask, a 
personalised scalp goody that detoxifies and protects. Used to draw impurities away from the scalp and follicles, it contributes towards healthy hair growth. In this collection we have a hundred formulas and we will match you with the one that is made for you. We use our algorithm to select specific ingredients for each customer. 

Possible ingredients in our formulas: 

Shikaikai, Aritha Bhringraj, Maca root, Cinnamomum, verum bark powder, Maranta arundinacea root extract, Yucca root, Ginger, Nettle Powder, Rosemary, Orange peel powder, Nutmeg, Pepermint