Why is my hair not growing?

A common misconception by afro curly hair men and women is curly hair does not grow. “Why is my hair not growing?” Hair will always grow unless you are suffering from a medical condition or your scalp is damaged. How fast your hair grows mostly depends on genetics. If your hair is healthy, your hair should be growing. What you want to achieve is length retention. A healthy hair care routine will ensure not only length retention but also healthy hair.

Hair breakage and hair damage are detrimental to healthy hair. Hair does not grow overnight and mastering a consistent healthy hair routine is great for retaining length.



Cleanse your hair and scalp. A clogged scalp will prevent your hair strands from receiving the necessary nutrients and sebum, which protects and nourishes your hair strands.

Use shampoo. There are now plenty of moisturizing shampoos made specifically for afro curly hair that is not harsh on the curly strands. You should aim to wash your hair at least once or twice a week if you do not have protective styling. A clean scalp provides a great canvas for your hair to take in optimum moisture.



Wear and tear after a while is a natural occurrence for afro curly hair due to friction caused by touching your hair, health issues, or the weather change. Split ends should be trimmed to avoid them traveling up your hair strand and causing more damage. Single-strand knots are inevitable if you have afro curly hair and should also be trimmed. Trimming should be done on a need-to basis.



If you have afro curly hair, you need a hair care bedtime routine. Curly hair is prone to damage due to the hair strands naturally curling around each other. Cotton absorbs moisture from your hair, therefore, will cause friction and thus damage your ends. Invest in a silk or satin scarf and pillowcase so that you are super protected when you sleep. Tying your hair with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf will ensure your style is maintained and this will prevent split ends. Do not forget to tie gently on the front of your hairline to protect it.



Hair sheds every day. We lose between 50-100 strands a day. It is important to detangle your hair, preferably on wash day. Use the right tools when detangling to avoid damage. Also, use the right products such as detangling sprays and moisturizing conditioners to ease the detangling process.



Your hair is made up of protein and moisture ensures your hair is hydrated and healthy. Lack of protein will leave your hair limp, straw-like, dry, and easy to breakage. Lack of moisture will have your hair strands dry and weak and easy to breakage.



Knowing your hair porosity whether low porosity, normal porosity, or high porosity is great in determining what products and tools best suit your hair care routine.



Stop touching your hair! Combing and styling every day will eventually weaken your hair and cause breakage. You should only touch your hair a maximum of 2 or 3 times a week and not every day. It is best to keep your hair in styles that are gentle on your scalp and keep the ends tucked away until wash day.



We all have busy lives and dealing with your tangled curls can be a daunting task. Afro curly hair is prone to breakage, so it's best to always treat it gently. Avoid handling your hair when you have no time or in a bad mood. Schedule time when you are not in a rush for your hair care routine.*



Avoid heat as much as possible. Using style heating tools should be seldom. Be wary of the temperature of heat on your styling tool and always use a heat protectant if you must use heat.