What is personalised Hair care?

Customisation is what today’s consumers desire of all industries. We want our name engraved on a bracelet, we want to design our sneakers and so on.

In cosmetics it makes even more sense as no one has the same skin tone or the same skin complexion. Big brands are trying to fit in personalised products in an attempt to include more diversity in their products offer. Technology in the beauty industry has made it easier to fit everyone's needs and desires. We can use algorithms, AI and machine learning to analyse a broader range of information and give customers access to more variety.

ici care personalised hair care products

The ability to compose a unique product versus pacing a store floor has inspired a new generation of startups to take aim at the beauty industry. These companies are re-imagining how we purchase everything from nail art to hair products

Some companies believe customisation is the new form of luxury, which is really a return to the old form of luxury in the idea of having something made just for you. In many instances, big brands provide more “tweaking” and “mixing” than full-on customisation.

Consumers have to be particularly cautious with brands calling their products personalised. A product base that is mixed with an ingredient or color does not make it specifically for you. It might fit you better, but it is more a marketing trick than a real product made for you.

Samantha, the founder and CEO of ICI CARE, disagrees with some of the assumptions of those big brands. "I do not think that customisation should be a luxury. It should be an affordable way of taking care of ourselves. Most important, it has to fully be customised to the needs of the client" . ICI CARE's algorithm matches your responses from the hair quiz with their ingredient list to select only what is specifically right for you.

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