Is the hair care industry eco-friendly?

Why overconsumption in the hair care industry is harming us

Intentionality focuses on the reasons behind a certain consumer decision.

Ever heard the phrase: “don’t shop while you’re hungry“?  

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Nutrition experts often underline the negative effects of an empty stomach inside a supermarket. Hungry people tend to buy a lot of excess food. Their purchases are driven by emotions – in essence: food cravings – not reason. 

We buy certain everyday goods simply because we can. We buy four brands of soap, three sets of perfumes, and lots of different face and hair products. The question to ask ourselves is : do I need it ? Do I truly use and appreciate each of those products ?

Now if you are a curly or afro-textured hair person you know that hair care is different for us. It takes time (and a lot of money) to find the right product. And even when we find one, it stops working after a while. And well, the pursuit of the perfect curl makes us into hair care product junkies. We want to try every new brand we hear of. Looking for the magic.

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I wonder how often you are using those new styling creams/gels that you “just had to try” because it had a special feature such as smelling like chocolate or recommended by some youtuber. Personally, I find it so easy to fall into the trap of wanting the latest product and I know I am not alone.

Now imagine if all the products would not have all their appealing packaging, colors and synthetic smells. Way less attractive right ? Thing is, we need to focus on the product and its functionality. That is why at ICI CARE the packaging is focused on its re-usability. It is a minimalist choice to help you focus on the most important, the benefits of our products on your hair. Removing the shine and colors will also purify your living space and subconsciously temper the urge to always add new brands and products which would increase your consumption of plastic packaging.

More than 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the global cosmetics industry every year, most of which are not recyclable (according to Harper’s Bazaar, the average moisturiser pot takes nearly 1,000 years to decompose). However, you’re not likely to realise that when watching any beauty blogger or influencer’s content. Shelves heaving with industrial quantities of makeup/hair care products and draws overflowing with 30-or-more bottles of hair products are the norm. We too, as consumers, tend to consume more and more beauty products.

Let's take a moment and think about all those products we bought in our lifetime. Was it all worth it? I invite you to a new journey where you have control over your consumption and where technology and science meets your personal care. You are no longer dependent on a big company.

You have the power to choose and ICI CARE gives you the knowledge to choose wisely.