Is African Black Soap a Good cleanser for Natural Hair?

African Black Soap is a staple of African-descent skincare because it offers a wealth of benefits for your skin. It continues to gain recognition across the board for its unique properties that enable you to better manage skin rashes, skin irritation and inflammation, pesky dark spots, and skin conditions like eczema and acne. African Black Soap also helps to treat stretch marks and dry skin.

HOWEVER…Did you know African Black Soap is good for natural hair?

What is African Black Soap?

Let’s start by examining the make-up of African Black Soap. African Black Soap is a natural cleanser known as Black Soap or Anago Samina or Alata Samina. Its origins are in West African countries like Ghana and with the Yoruba people in Nigeria and Yoruba communities of Benin and Togo.

How is African Black Soap Made?

More than 100 variations of African Black Soap exist as the recipe has evolved as it has been passed from generation to generation. However, there is a general consensus of the process that is followed to create this product. The core ingredients consist of the ash of plant materials such as palm leaves, the bark of palm and shea trees, shea butter, coconut butter, cocoa pods, plantain skins and leaves, and coconut oil. The ingredients are heated and stirred for upwards of 24 hours by women in these West African communities, then allowed to solidify before being extracted and added into containers.

The ingredients of African Black Soap are powerful because they contain a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, which all function to protect your hair structure against environmental elements that can leave your hair susceptible to damage.

Many naturalistas choose to make their own African Black Soap shampoo for natural hair. BGLH provides an amazing African Black Soap Shampoo recipe for naturalistas who would like to create their own personal mixture. For those of you looking to purchase a African Black Soap shampoo product off-the-shelf, there are a few African Black Soap Shampoo products in the marketplace like Melanin African Black Soap Shampoo.

No matter the path you choose to incorporate African Black Soap into your natural hair care regimen, you will be impressed with the positive effects of using this soap.

What are the Benefits of Using African Black Soap on Natural Hair?

Whether your natural hair is defined by kinks, coils or curls, African Black Soap’s antioxidant levels make it a perfect addition to your natural hair care products arsenal. Let’s take a closer look at the multiple benefits of using African Black Soap on Natural Hair.

Replenishes the Scalp

African Black Soap contains a exceptional blend of ingredients that help cleanse and heal the scalp and create healthy space hair growth. Think of it as a clarifying cleanser that exfoliates the scalp, removing dandruff, dirt, and other debris that can inhibit healthy hair growth. African Black is particularly useful for managing eczema and relieving incessant itchiness.

Kills Bacteria and Fungus Growing on the Scalp

African Black soap acts as an anti-bacterial agent that cleans your scalp and rid you of nasty bacteria and fungus that may cause scalp irritation and inflammation. Folliculitis or follicle inflammation can emerge due to staph bacteria or fungi. When this occurs, tiny bumps may appear on your scalp, and your hair growth cycle can experience disruption, leading to thinning hair or hair loss.

Stimulates Hair Follicle Growth

Another positive side effect of using African Black Soap is that it increases blood flow to your scalp. This increased circulation is vital for transporting essential nutrients that stimulate those precious follicles to produce healthy hair. Many naturalistas in the natural hair community report experiencing hair growth at a surprising rate.

Seals in Moisture and Repairs Damage

If you are a sucker for healthy hair hydration, African black soap can help you seal in moisture. It is rich in glycerin content. Many varieties of this soap contain shea butter, which contains vitamins A, E, and F. Shea butter protects the hair from harmful ultraviolet rays and repairs dry and brittle hair.

Anti-Aging Benefits

African Black Soap contains properties that protects your hair against aging. It strengthens the structure of your hair, slows graying, and thinning.

Restores Vibrancy

If your hair has a dull appearance, it will please you to know that the special blend of coconut and shea butter in African Black Soap helps to give hair a natural vibrancy.

Is African Black Soap Approved for the Curly Girl Method?

African black soap’s high oil content serves as a fantastic agent for helping you to define those natural kinks and curls. This quality makes African Black Soap perfect for naturalistas who embrace the Curly Girl and No Poo Method. The Curly Girl Method helps increase your hair moisture levels by eliminating unsafe ingredients like silicones and sulfates from your natural hair routine. Although both methods promote the use of products other than shampoo, African Black Soap enables you to adhere to the guidelines of using a sulfate-free cleanser as a component of your hair care practices.

In Closing

In closing, you can use African Black Soap on natural hair. It is an excellent natural product that can enhance your skin, hair, and scalp quality. It provides access to natural ingredients that boost circulation, hair follicle production, and curl definition. It is rich in antioxidants that spare your hair from environmental damage and protect your scalp from harmful microbes and fungus.

Raw African Black Soap, in its purest form, can be drying to your hair and skin. Ideally, you should use Black African Soap that contains moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or moisture-sealing oils.

Initially, the use of African Black Soap on your hair may leave your hair in tangles, therefore you might consider applying a detangling conditioner or leave-in to help smooth things out. Nonetheless, African Black Soap will help to soften your hair and infuse new life.