How to transition to natural hair care?

If you have decided to make the switch from mainstream hair care to natural hair care products then you have to be prepared for a transitional period of a few weeks or sometimes months before you really start to feel the benefits. It highly depends on what you have been using on your hair and how quickly you and your hair adapt to the new normal.

Many mainstream brands use silicones and other polymers to create the illusion of healthy hair. These ingredients coat the strands and make them shiny and soft, without actually having any benefit. Once you remove these ingredients from your hair care regime, at first you hair will feel different as it is not coated with artificial ingredients. You then need to start the process of rejuvenating the hair from the inside out, a process that can take varying amounts of time, depending on the person. The benefits, once you achieve them, are well worth a short period where your hair might feel more greasy or drier than usual.

For some of us, when stopping the use of harsh chemical cleaners, initially our scalp will produce extra oil. This over production can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months and is the most challenging part of the transition process. If you have naturally dry scalp you won't experience that but you will experience product build-up. It will take several washes to get rid of all the coating on your hair.

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How to Ease the Transition to Natural Hair Care Routine

Replace silicone products first. As long as you are using silicone products on your hair, you will periodically need a harsh sulfate cleaner to remove product buildup. Finding silicone-free products will break the dependence on traditional shampoos.

Start with a natural hair mask. If you are looking into natural hair care, starting with a natural hair mask will ease the process. It is the most powerful product in your hair care routine. It is even more important for curly hair as we need to balance our hair and scalp pH. Your hair porosity might change through the transition and that is why personalised hair care is very useful. If you use ICI CARE make sure to adjust your hair profile as you notice changes. The right hair mask will nourish and balance your hair needs so it goes through the transition as smooth as possible.

You can read the experience of The Curlfriend on using our natural hair mask.

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