• Inclusive and bespoke haircare

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Inclusive and bespoke haircare

INCLUSIVE because healthy hair is for everyone

At ICI CARE, we know how difficult it can be finding the right products. Founder and creator of ICI CARE, Samantha, experienced this very problem which led to years of hair damage. With a background in material science and engineering, she used her knowledge and conducted further research to understand the impact of cosmetic ingredients. Channelling everything she learned into her ICI CARE. Tailored to you, backed by science.

"After the first use of the mask my hair was shining and regained all its curls."

Customer with coily and dry hair

"This is completely new to me and I am really enjoying it. I am still on the transitioning period but can already see changes."

Customer with wavy hair and greasy scalp

"The scalp detox has really helped me getting rid of an itchy flaky scalp and makes my scalp feel clean and fresh."

Customer with straight hair, oily and itchy scalp

We take an in-depth look at your hair and habits

Whether it's through an expert call or through the hair quiz ICI CARE starts with YOU. Every ingredient is mindfully selected to fit your hair.

We use plants and ancestral beauty secrets to create your haircare

Bespoke because you are unique

When you take our hair quiz, the carefully designed algorithm selects the right ingredients for your needs. Based on your answers, you will receive handmade products to help you reach your hair goals and make the first step in achieve healthy hair!

We make it safe and eco-friendly

Hair is a delicate material so you must use the right ingredients. Our products are made with natural raw ingredients that are individually selected for every customer. ICI CARE is 100% free of toxic chemicals and promotes healthy hair while being environmentally conscious.

100% Custom-Made

Raw Active Ingredients


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The power of active ingredients

Vegan | Actives only | Plants
Paraben-free | Sulfates-free | Silicones-free | Phthalates-free | Diethanolamine-free (DEA) | Artificial Dyes free | Preservatives-free | Cruelty-free | Fillers-free

It all starts with The Ingredients

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A gift that won't need to be returned. Or exchanged

A thoughtful gift that reduces waste, respects the environment and that is custom-made just for your loved one, friend, colleague!

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